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Style on a Whim

A great friend of mine is VERY social! I love her energy. She may not realize it, but because of her I have NOT transitioned into a hermit. I am grateful.

I don't usually dress casual, i.e tennis shoes , jeans, etc., but on this day I did. As luck would have it, she invited me to a happy hour after work. I have a style standard and my super casual outfit did not meet it.

I was going to pack it in and go home but when I got to my car, I found style options!

1) A slim cut jacket to put over my white tee

2)black ankle high booties (bye-bye tennis shoes!)

3) "Edgy" sunglasses worn in what I call "headband style"

After I added my MAC Ruby Woo red lipstick, I was on my way to Timothy Dean's Happy Hour, where our friend/colleague was the guest DJ!!!! (FYI-They did not skimp on the alcohol AND they did not in any way sponsor or endorse this message. I just like the vibe of the place.)

Here's the result....

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