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Reclaiming My Style: Inspiration

When I started this blog. I thought it would be about offering my style tips to the community, maybe someone would find the tips useful and this is fun for me. It won't be that just yet. I realize I am on a journey to redefine my style at this phase in my life. Wife, auntie, maturing (finally), a little more weight in certain places and hopefully a little wiser. I really don't know what my "new" style is yet. I go through this about every 5 years and here I am again.

To get some inspiration, I took a walk in nature. Yes-I do that now. It's peaceful after I get acclimated to the sounds and plethora of bugs in the woods. Comfy wins over aesthetics in this environment but I did have a cute mini-backpack (Store:TJ Maxx, $28) and sunglasses (Brand: Quay, Store: Nordstrom Rack, $24.95). I walked the Billy Goat Trail in the C&O National Park.

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