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New Phase of Style

It's 2020 and I just turned 44. I am three years into my marriage. He's quirky like me and I love him. No kids yet. I have many wonderful nieces and nephews. I switched careers from Electronics Parts Engineer to Systems Engineer. I thought at this point in my life, my personal style would be set. I have found that it evolves as my life evolves.

How is it evolving? I prefer ankle boots over calf boots. I prefer quality over quantity. If I can't find what I like, I try to make it. I still love a great deal. I still enjoy roaming around thrift stores for the unique treasures that may be uncovered. I also have an affinity for incorporating accessories and fabrics made in Sierra Leone or other West African countries. Trying to open the world up to the style I see so richly pervasive there.

I am an American, through and through, but only because my parents took the adventure with all its risk and opportunity, to travel from Sierra Leone and continue their life here in the States. For that, I am grateful.

All this to say, these posts will be a journey with me through this style phase. I won't know the final destination until I get there.

Here are a few things, I have picked up so far....

C220 High Top Sneaker by Coach

I caught it on sale! I am not a sneaker head but these days I need to be comfy. I can wear these at work, bar crawls,etc. Casual, comfy, but not purely athletic. I will do no real exercising in them. I love the gold and blush pink color scheme.

Forstmann Wool Dark Blue Coat discovered at a Value Village Thrift Store

I wanted a "dressier" wool coat for fancier affairs. I have finally outgrown ( meaning gained weight-LOL) my previous coats. On a day off from work, I visited a local thrift store. I came across this coat for $12. I may make the sleeves longer but for now, I wear it with elbow length leather gloves. The heavy wool and integrated scarf keep me warm and in line with the look I want to achieve: quality fabric,elegant,simple, asymmetrical.

Stay warm, comfy, and stylish.

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