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In a Long Dress Mood for Fall

Work has been keeping me busy. My job (in and out of labs and walking across campus from building to building) does not lend itself to flowy dresses and heels these days.

Fall means two things: long dresses and boots.Today: Long dress!

I wanted to feel REALLY pretty and feminine. So, I took a break from pants. I went through my closet and styled this look. When I want to feel elegant, it's all about the drama of the long dress. The chocolate 2 piece ensemble ( slip and lace overcoat) was sent to me from the UK from my Aunt. It reminds me of her, simple but regal with a certain integrity. The earrings are from Bauble Bar. The belt was a gift from my little sister. The image design below is from my BFF!

Style is love.....

More long dress style to come!

Design Credit: J. Fleet

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