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Hairstyle Inspired by Astronomy Club

Over the Christmas holiday break, I watched Astronomy Club on Netflix. Astronomy Club is a comedy sketch show with an all African-American cast.

I started watching it because:

1) Kenya Barris is listed as a producer. He produced black-ish, another television show I absolutely love

2) I am an aerospace professional and the show title contains the word astronomy

I happened upon it after watching The Witcher, which was equal parts tedious and rewarding. (Note: I knew nothing of The Witcher prior to this Netflix show). I needed a new content fix.

Astronomy Club provided much laughter and this hairstyle inspiration......

Hairstyle Inspiration from Astronomy Club

My first attempt at recreating the look above

(My natural hair "slicked" up with EcoStyle gel and 2 ponytail holders.One pack of synthetic hair braided and pinned into place on top)

Stay inspired and stylish. XOXO

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