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Eyewear & Hair-wear

Today's post was a bit difficult to write. I didn't attend any events. Just participating in the daily ups and downs of life. Trying to get over a bad cough/cold, going to work, running errands, decluttering, etc, etc. So, today I am highlighting my 2 go to items that add style with relative ease. And pics to show the results.

Item 1: Eye-wear

Whether personality glasses or prescription lenses, a unique set of eyewear provides a popof style.

Item 2: Hair-wear

In a perfect world, our crowns would always be perfectly coiffed by our favorite stylist. When we can't make it, it's nice to have a go to style that can work in a pinch AND can be done quickly. My definition of quick is 15 minutes. I use Cuban Twist synthetic hair ( purchased from any beauty supply store) as it is similar to my natural hair texture, elastic bands (to gather my own hair), Shea Moisture Coconut Kid's Buttercream and lots of hair pins and bobby pins.

Headwraps are my other hair accessory.

Result: Interesting Updos that are suitable for work play, and/or fancier engagements.

keep it simple and stylish.

#slayatwork #bigglasses #adekemistyle

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